Last Saturday we had so much fun DJing at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair by Printed Matter!


Featured at the Telfair Museum


Meso Mechanic’s original track to be featured during KCHUNG’s residency at the Telfair Museum Telfair Museum!

KCHUNG Radio is taking over the Telfair Museums’ airwaves this Spring! KCHUNG is a cooperative broadcast platform based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Placing a premium on ease of participation from as wide a community as possible, KCHUNG views broadcasting as an ideal form for gathering and amplifying a multitude of diverse voices and viewpoints.

KCHUNG will create event programming and temporary site-specific interventions throughout the museum—including collaborations with museum staff, volunteers, and local community through workshops, symposia, and collaboratively-produced broadcasts of interviews, music, news, and stories. So stay tuned! Programming will include “lunchtime discos” in the Jepson atrium, “whisper reports” live in the galleries, community programming, and a live broadcast station and mobile broadcast unit that will float outside the museum and around Savannah!


This blog reports about Meso Mechanics, an impulse to evolve nonlinear mechanics or doings or practices with heterogeneous (non)materials. By fostering a closer collaboration between sound technology, activism, and embodiment practices, this new impulse seeks to express principles of the heart.