Featured on KCHUNG Radio Residency at the Getty Center

An experimental sound piece from Meso Mechanics will be streaming on KCHUNG news.

Our piece is “An audio collage of broadcast reports on the rise in global sea levels, water shortages, and other issues related to water and environment, incorporating synthetic textures and noise to create a musical and narrative arc.”

Check it out at http://getty.kchung.news/

KCHUNG Radio Residency at the Getty Center
Monday, January 30—Sunday, February 12, 2017
Free; no reservations required

Los Angeles’ artist-run community radio station KCHUNG is in residence for two weeks at the Getty Center to broadcast in-depth news programming and build opportunities for spectacle, performance, and live engagement that imagine alternative uses and definitions of the news. Complementing the exhibition Breaking News: Turning the Lens on Mass Media, the residency will produce 8 episodes, featuring a diverse breadth of content from KCHUNG’s artistic community including interviews, performances, and live reporting, to explore both exhibition themes and current events.

KCHUNG is an artist-run radio station operated from Los Angeles’ Chinatown by a community of over 200 visual artists, musicians, writers, and other creative thinkers. Founded by artists Solomon Bothwell, Luke Fischbeck, and Harsh Patel, KCHUNG was created to redefine community radio as accessible and transparent, offering a community of listeners the ability to create their own content and learn about broadcasting. Today the station has grown to more than 200 contributors, who broadcast over 100 regularly scheduled shows each month.
In 2016, KCHUNG was awarded a Creative Capital grant to launch an in-depth news service entitled News Body, it is an experimental platform dedicated to user-sourced, urgent news. The Getty residency will serve as an opportunity for KCHUNG’s artist community to further develop the News Body project and workshop methods of reporting, interpreting, and distributing news content, while exploring its ever-evolving role in contemporary society.


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